Casper Pedersen

15th March 1996
Aqua Blue Sport
The first time I met Casper was in the beginning of 2016. Together with the Danish track team, he was preparing for the World Championships, and more importantly, the Rio olympics.
Although he was a part of the selected squad, he didn’t compete at the Olympics. An obvious disappointment, but it would mould him into the rider we see today.
I’ve continued working with him over the past 2 years, recently during his time with his previous team in Denmark and the European championships, where he took the gold in the U23 road race. Casper is without a doubt a really good guy, and definitely someone you wish nothing but the best for!
Just as myself, Casper recently made the move to Girona, living together with the 2 of the other Danes, Michael Carbel and Nicklas Eg. A move he has made to solely concentrate on his career on the road. We met on the stone bridge in the afternoon, after Casper had taken care of a few necessary things related to his move.
Casper recently joined Team Aqua Blue Sport, joining fellow Dane and friend Lasse. A move, I am sure will prove to the cycling world the potential that lies within him.
It is also a well deserved move, after Casper had a phenomenal 2017 season on the road. He took multiple wins, the biggest being the U23 Euro champs, and the win of the first stage of The tour of Denmark.
Introduced to cycling rather late in his life, Casper joined the local club at the age of 14, trying to find out if this would be something he would enjoy. Starting out with renting a road bike and racing on the trails on his “everyday” mountain bike with other club members, Casper found something he really enjoyed and could be passionate about.
It was in the same club that he was introduced to track cycling. Without having too much experience, Casper was selected for the U19 World Champs. Not knowing the seriousness of this, and to the concern of his national track coach, Casper went on holiday right up to the event. Yet, this seemed to have been near perfect preparation as Casper took Bronze in the Junior Omnium.
A year later he would also go on to win Gold in the same category.
With the move to the professional ranks of cycling, Casper has now concluded his career on the track, and is now fully prepared to dedicate his talents to the road. A decision I’m personally looking forward to seeing in full growth.